Wolf-Gordon updates its classic London Chic Type II wallcovering collection with three charismatic patterns. Echo and Nouveau join from the SO GOOD collection by Me and General Design, now produced with a greater value due to a rotogravure method. The additions, like the rest of the collection, are certified to the NSF/ANSI 342 sustainability standards.


Echo has elongated diamond shapes formed from parallel lines that appear to shift back and forth, giving walls a kinetic energy.


Nouveau repeats a simple diamond shape in a mirrored sequence for an ever-changing design.


Westminster, in its elegant simplicity, acts as a foil to these lively geometric patterns.


LEICESTER captures and elevates a beautiful natural, hand-woven grasscloth look. Many of the drawbacks associated with a natural product—concerns of inconsistent dyeing, variations in fiber appearance, fading, and durability—are eliminated in this Type II vinyl rendition. The horizontal “filaments” in the design are imperfectly aligned for an organic look. Hints of pearl, metallic silver and gold are integrated into the striated colorways of off white, beige, and tinted grays, complemented with earth tones and more industrial shades.

ISLEWORTH has broad, painterly streaks that flow gracefully across the wall with an effect suggestive of light reflecting on the ripples of a lake. Series of small vertical brushstrokes supply added dimension, and a brush-textured embossing enhances the tactile quality. The decidedly neutral palette includes matte tonal variations of “Whitewash” and “Sand”, balanced with a soft teal/silver blend and dark bronze with metallic highlights.