New York, NY - June 5, 2018 | Wolf-Gordon will be debuting the innovative MATTER collection by Dutch designer Mae Engelgeer at NeoCon 2018 alongside other new collaborations and additions to established product lines. The star of this year’s show, MATTER, is a sophisticated commercial upholstery series with high loft and chic metallic filaments. The three high performing, wool blend textiles have intricate detailing and geometric forms for an unparalleled visual and tactile appeal.

"We are thrilled to present such a comprehensive new series of wallcoverings and upholstery textiles in our NeoCon Showroom, exclusive to Wolf-Gordon.  Our work with Mae Engelgeer, Me and General, and Brenda Houston has injected new energy into our offering, and charts a very upbeat path for the year to come."

– Marybeth Shaw, Chief Creative Officer, Marketing & Design


Wolf-Gordon will also preview introductions with two new designers in its Curated Collection of digital wallcoverings: Me and General Design, a team whose unconventional start on film sets and performance stages gives them a signature edge, contains four graphic wallcoverings that present a stylistic mix of urban, modern, and chic; and, Brenda Houston, whose affinity for gemstones and fossils give her a distinct perspective, exposing the organic beauty of weathered wood and minerals.

Additionally, the American surface design company will introduce a new line and showcase the growth of some its most iconic collections. Woven Upholstery 03 will launch with four textural fabrics, Brio, Gabrielle, Barrington, and Static, and three multi-color patterns, Radiator, Checkmate and Static.  Next, two new designs add sensuality in form and texture to London Chic commercial wallcoverings. Finally, three elegant textile looks will be previewed for Contract Wallcovering 02.

NeoCon 2018 will be held from June 11th to the 13th at The Mart in Chicago, and is  celebrating its 50th year. Wolf-Gordon will host a Showroom Cocktail party with Mae Engelgeer on Monday, June 11th from 3 to 5:30pm in their 10th floor showroom, #10-161.


About Wolf-Gordon
Wolf-Gordon is an American design company offering designers a wide range of interior surfacing products united by the common qualities of excellent design and dependable performance. Founded in 1967 as a comprehensive source for wallcoverings, its product line has since added upholstery and drapery textiles, paints, and Wink clear, dry-erase coating. Through its collaborations with leading national and international designers and in its Design Studio, Wolf- Gordon continues to develop new work that is provocative, inspiring, and of our time. Wolf- Gordon’s growing portfolio of licensed collections includes designs by Laurinda Spear, Karim Rashid, Petra Blaisse, Grethe Sørensen, Kevin Walz, the Boym Partners, Frank Tjepkema, and Mae Engelgeer. Wolf-Gordon sales representatives are based in all major markets in the United States.

About Mae Engelgeer
After graduating in 2004 from the Amsterdam Fashion Instituut where she specialized in textile design, Engelgeer was accepted to the prestigious Master Course in Applied Arts at the Sandberg Instituut and developed her first collection. In 2013, Engelgeer opened her own studio in Amsterdam, working on textile and product design and development, installations, and international collaborations. Mae’s work is characterized by a typical use of colour, geometric shapes and linear elements. An eye for detail and sense of composition are important in her designs when it comes to introducing balance. Mae’s style has an open character that could be described as minimalistic with a playful twist. She tries to combine craft, new technology and materials into home textiles without losing ground on refinement or quality.

About Me and General Design
Me and General Design works closely with developers, architects, construction teams and homeowners to create buildings and spaces that are not only cohesive, but also inspire. They specialize in new residential development and/or restorations with full amenity packages including lobbies, lounges, game rooms, children play rooms, roof decks, leasing centers and model condos/apartments. As well, they have designed private single or multi-family homes. Edgy, fun and professional, Me and General’s signature style of modern urban chic with elements of surprise is carried throughout each project.

About Brenda Houston
American designer Brenda Houston was an award winning visual director and luxury store designer prior to launching her company in 2008. Houston works in organic materials, specializing in agate, fossils, woods and minerals. Houston’s furniture and collections can be found in select showrooms worldwide and Salon shows such as Art + Design, Nomad and TEFAF. Houston launched her textile collections in 2015 to showcase her private collection of minerals that she had gathered over her lifetime of mineral collecting.