Santa Fe's Museum of International Folk Art To Host Design Summit


In February 2017, Santa Fe's Museum of International Folk Art will host their second Museum Design Summit: The Alchemy of Design: Exploring Materials + Methods From Global Cultures To Tech Trailblazers.The event gathers leaders in design, manufacturing, technology, fashion, home furnishings retailing, and media in order to examine the design process as well as explore a range of new materials emerging in the market. 

Speakers will range from pioneers in environmentally friendly materials to editorial icons: from Joe Schroeder and Lora Smith of Freedom Seed and Feed, owners of the first federally permitted hemp farm, to Paul Makovsky, editorial director of Metropolis magazine. Attendees will to tour the 26,000-piece world class textile and ethnographic dress collection at the Museum of International Folk Art and the ceramic collection at the Museum of Indian Arts & Culture, both of which are closed to the public. 

The event will take place February 23 + 24 in Santa Fe, and tickets may be purchased here. If you are interested in learning more, the full schedule and speaker line-up is available here, or you may contact Pamela Kelly for more information.