| New York, NY - November 14, 2017 | Aimée Wilder’s new Bun Voyage wallpaper and fabric collection is made for dreamers of all ages. From a bunny’s eye view on a fantasy adventure, the designs explore fields of wildflowers, a giant mushroom metropolis where creatures like caterpillars and hummingbirds live, and a mysterious lagoon with sea creatures shrouded in mist, all drawing from Aimée’s travels to Scotland.

“The playful theme of this collection reveals surprises at every turn,” says Aimée Wilder, founder of her eponymous company. “Bun Voyage is sophisticated, yet deceptively whimsical. For example, Mystic Lagoon packs a surprising punch when viewed up close; the numerous creatures blend into a modern motif from a distance, but pop out when further examined.”

Bun Voyage sparks the imagination, drawing from a curious rabbit’s perspective. The broad range of colorways reflect nature’s influence: the rich Botanical shade of Herbario is a perfect complement to the romantic design and a muted Heather tone underscores the sophisticated energy of Mystic Lagoon.

Mushroom City:
Featuring a mixture of mushrooms growing wild, this trippy pattern unifies the natural and the manmade by reflecting a cityscape in the fungi’s varying heights.

Wallpaper colors: Asteroid, Botanica, Cava, Contrast, Daisy, Ectoplasm, Eraser, Glacial, Glimmer, Heather, Mint Chip, Mist, Stone, Sphinx

Fabric colors: Asteroid, Botanica, Contrast, Daisy, Eraser, Glacial, Mint Chip, Clay

Repeat: Wallpaper: 27” wide x 36” high, Fabric: 27" wide by 36” high

Mystic Lagoon: Inspired by a trip to Scotland, Mystic Lagoon has diverse sea creatures that resemble the Lochness monster, details of each standing out against the dynamic ripples of a mysterious lagoon.

Wallpaper colors: Algae, Aster, Caribe, Chalk, Desert, Heather, Ocean, Papaya, Parchment, Peri, Sphinx, Summer, Thunder

Fabric colors: Algae, Aster, Chalk, Desert, Mako, Ocean, Papaya, Parchment, Summer

Repeat: Wallpaper: 27” wide x 42.4” high, Fabric: 27" wide by 42.4” high

Herbario: A mesh of beautiful flowers with elongated stems invite you to climb through Herbario, a design created by the finnish fashion brand Ivana Helsinki. The founder of Ivana Helsinki, Paola Suhonen, created the design from flowers she pressed as a young girl.

Wallpaper colors: Botanical, Canary, Cinder, Dove, Euphoria, Pêche, Royal, Satellite, Sprout, Terra, Tesla, Umbra

Fabric colors: Botanical, Cinder, Dove, Euphoria, Pêche, Royal, Sprout, Terra, Tesla

Repeat: Wallpaper: 27” wide x 12.9” high, Fabric: 27" wide by 12.9” high


Bun Voyage wallpapers are screen-printed by hand on clay-coated, FSC-certified paper and sold by the roll ($180 per single roll; 27” wide x 5 yards) and can be customized into large format murals ($32 per square foot). For higher traffic environments, it is also available on contract vinyl and a range of Type II substrates. This collection is also available as fabric in a number of materials including organic denim, Belgian linen, heavyweight linen, and a Belgian linen/cotton blend as well as on custom drapery. Fabrics are priced by the yard ($150-$168). Commercial coating is available for an additional fee with options from water repellent and UV protection to stain and abrasion.

About Aimee Wilder
Born and raised in New York, Aimée spent her school holidays exploring the fashion showrooms where her parents both worked. From this early exposure to fashion trends and textiles, Aimée developed the foundation for her diverse interest in art and design. After her graduation from the School of The Art Institute of Chicago in 2001, she began developing a body of fine-art illustrations and patterns while working as a freelance designer. This led to positions as a designer for several well-known firms including DwellStudio, Martha Stewart Living. and The Gap. In her free time, Aimée continued to develop her own art and patterns and became further transfixed by the world of textiles and design.

In 2008, Vans took notice of her bold designs and playful aesthetic. Three of her patterns were featured on 30 styles of shoes and fashion accessories, bringing Aimee Wilder to a global audience. Emboldened by her first fashion-licensing contract, Aimee launched her namesake brand and began translating her artwork into designer wallpaper, debuting at New York’s ICFF in 2009.

In recent years, Aimée’s line has expanded beyond wallpaper to include home textiles and hand-made rugs, as well as accessories such as pillows and poufs.