| New York, NY - September 6, 2016 | The Phantasmagoria Collection by Aimée Wilder brings the dream world to life in a melding of galactic visions, jungle adventures, and desert wanderings. To create Phantasmagoria, a collection of wallpaper & fabric, rugs & bespoke carpets, and pillows & poufs, Wilder experimented with elements of light and shadow, pushing the limits of repeat size and density of detail. In Phantasmagoria, one is easily lost in the fantastical, oversized repeats featuring flora and fauna, both real and imagined.

Wilder shares, “The Phantasmagoria Collection reflects the evolution of our brand, as the most visually multi-layered collection in our offering. It is also our biggest foray into rugs and bespoke carpets to date.”

In the recurring dream which inspired collection, Aimée goes on a psychedelic adventure through time and space. Aimée finds herself floating through an unknown galaxy. The stars, asteroids, and comets begin to morph into a churning sea of cheetah spots. Friendly cheetah faces appear but quickly turn ferocious jumping out of space to chase her through a sleepy jungle. She tumbles through sparkling puddles, past lumbering sloths and playful primates, soon realizing she has lost the pursuing wildcats. Her journey continues as the jungle melts into an arid desert. Cacti the size of skyscrapers tower over her and the sun emerges high overhead. She basks in its warmth, exhausted from her surreal voyage.

Wallpaper & Fabric

Cactus Spirit : a dimensional and layered desert setting, Cactus Spirit brings home a taste of the southwest.

Cheetah Vision : This playful, swirling cheetah-print features an unexpected cheetah face peering back at you.

Cosmic Splash : Awash with movement and energy, this textural pattern conjures the cosmos in motion, yet can be as subtle or bold as desired.

Jungle Dream : An oversized nocturnal jungle-scape adventure featuring jungle creatures, and flora and fauna.

Wallpapers are priced at $180 per single roll (27 inches by 5 yds), and are printed on clay-coated, FSC Certified paper. Commercial substrates are also available starting at $200 per single roll.

This collection is available as fabric as well in all new substrates: organic denim, sailcloth, and linen, in addition to Belgian cotton/linen blends, and is priced by the yard ($145 – $160).

Rugs & Bespoke Carpets
The Phantasmagoria Collection also includes a series of new rugs and bespoke carpets.

Camp : Aimée’s take on a traditional neat print—featuring overlapping triangles.

Prism : a bold large-scale geometric.

Pineapple : a pint-sized fruit pattern.

All three are available in myriad colors, sizes, constructions and substrates, such as New Zealand wool, fine Tibetan wool, silk, and silk/wool blend. Many are in stock, ready to ship, and can be customized to order in the Bespoke Rugs section of the online shop.

Pillows & Poufs
The Phantasmagoria pillows and poufs are made-by-hand, to-order in the US and make decadent use of the fabrics. The pillows are customizable in a range of sizes both stock and made-to-order, and are available with natural or hypoallergenic fill in a zippered case.

About Aimee Wilder
Born and raised in New York, Aimée spent her school holidays exploring the fashion showrooms where her parents both worked. From this early exposure to fashion trends and textiles, Aimée developed the foundation for her diverse interest in art and design. After her graduation from the School of The Art Institute of Chicago in 2001, she began developing a body of fine-art illustrations and patterns while working as a freelance designer. This led to positions as a designer for several well-known firms including DwellStudio, Martha Stewart Living. and The Gap. In her free time, Aimée continued to develop her own art and patterns and became further transfixed by the world of textiles and design.

In 2008, Vans took notice of her bold designs and playful aesthetic. Three of her patterns were featured on 30 styles of shoes and fashion accessories, bringing Aimee Wilder to a global audience. Emboldened by her first fashion-licensing contract, Aimee launched her namesake brand and began translating her artwork into designer wallpaper, debuting at New York’s ICFF in 2009.

In recent years, Aimée’s line has expanded beyond wallpaper to include home textiles and hand-made rugs, as well as accessories such as pillows and poufs.