As a woman-owned business ourselves, we love hearing about what other impressive women are doing to lead the way in the fields of design, business, and the creative arts. We thought you might too. Here’s our lineup of seven incredible women who really can have it all, and are paving the way for future generations of women to live out their dreams and flip the design world on its head.

New York, NY - February 19, 2019


Venus Williams, V Starr Interiors, Fog & Apple
Sonya Haffey, V Starr Interiors, Fog & Apple

Venus Williams, Founder & CEO

Venus Williams is a superstar on and off the court, acting as the Founder & CEO of two creative businesses, V Starr Interiors and EleVen, as well as a persistent advocate for gender equality. She has fought and helped win a prolonged battle for women athletes to gain equal pay and merit in the world of sports, and now operates primarily female-led companies outside the athletic sphere.


Sonya Haffey, Vice President

What can’t Vice President Sonya Haffey do? On top of leading the day to day operations of V Starr Interiors for the last 10 years, she is an excellent mother to four children, balancing a fulfilling career with a full house. This hard working mom even finds time to give back; Haffey does extensive volunteer work with organizations like Make-a-Wish, First Presbyterian, Young Life, Little Smiles, and St. Jude Children’s Hospital.



Marybeth Shaw, Wolf-Gordon, Fog & Apple

Marybeth Shaw, Chief Creative Officer

Marybeth Shaw is a powerhouse: her creative genius has shaped the brand identity of Wolf-Gordon for over a decade. With experience at some of the top design companies in the world, she holds degrees including a Master’s in Architecture from the Ecole d’Architecture de Paris-Belleville, a Master’s in City Planning from MIT, and an Executive MBA from NYU Stern. A mother, an academic, and driven C.C.O., Marybeth uses her free time to support design communities as a member of the AIGA and Architectural League of New York.



Kristen Zeff, Owner

Kristen Zeff uses her business acumen to help steer the thriving Chelsea Market-based BLACKBARN Shop. After leaving her job as a Fortune 500 business consultant to transform her and her husband’s vision into a retail destination, her years of expertise in market trends, analytics, and research propelled their lifestyle brand into the physical world. Kristen’s creative approach to business adds a much needed feminine flare to the rustic brand.


Kristen Zeff, Blackbarn shop, Fog & Apple


Miriam Torres, Parker-Torres, Fog & Apple

Miriam Torres, Principal

A Puerto Rican-born designer with a passion for color, Miriam is a founding partner of luxury design firm, Parker-Torres Design. With the help of her partner, Barbara, Miriam has grown the brand into an international success by spearheading projects in New York, London, and Dubai, amongst others. She brings a creative approach to their impeccable work, inspired by the light of a property’s native environment, custom carpet designs, and elegant interpretations of classic draperies.


Barbara Parker, Parker-Torres, Fog & Apple

Barbara Parker, Principal

Barbara Parker has a keen architectural mind. Before co-founding Parker-Torres Design with Miriam, she had nearly 20 years of design experience under her belt, working at some of the most notable design firms in the world—ranging from Malaysia to New York. She brings a sharp attention to detail and wide-ranging skills to manage the business relations and project management aspects of the firm.



Aimée Wilder, Fog & Apple

Aimée Wilder, Designer

Aimée Wilder has revolutionized wallpaper. After gaining success in designing bold graphics for Martha Stewart, the Gap, and Vans early in her career, the New York native started her own namesake brand. An adventurous designer with a quirky spirit, her work is critically acclaimed in publications like The New York Times, The Wall Street Journal, and Architectural Digest. Her line has since expanded to include pillows, fabrics, rugs, and more.



Jane Humzy, Founder + President

Jane Humzy is the president of Jane Hamley Wells, which she named after her childhood towns in rural South Australia. Formerly a brand and marketing strategy consultant for Fortune 100 clients, Jane has spent her career working closely alongside creative professionals. She is passionate about good design and its ability to enhance and nurture our sense of well-being. To this end, her company is dedicated to bringing outstanding new furniture designs to market and supporting emerging product designers from around the world.