| NEW YORK, NY - July 6, 2018 | Fog & Apple welcomes their first two internationally-based clients, Klodea and Lineadecor. Klodea is a young, Italian home furnishing accessory brand that made its official US debut this year. With hardware products designed and manufactured in Italy, the company emphasizes an artisanal approach that keeps style, functionality and ergonomics in mind. Their innovative designs, from concept to creation, provide solutions for interiors in which inspiration and stability go hand in hand.

Lineadecor is a leading kitchen furniture brand, manufactured in Turkey since 1996 and new to the US market. The production facilities, which employ cutting edge technology and ERP system, provide seamless supply processes while a facility equipped with the latest technology enables the design team to constantly implement new trends and ideas to its product range. The company creates difference in the sector with its superiority in production and material quality, creative design approach, leader characteristic and global network.


About Klodea
Founded in 2015 in Milan, Klodea is an Italian producer of luxury home furnishing accessories. The brand’s  mission is to create unique designs that stem from an Italian sensibility toward shape, form and style. A  careful selection of raw materials and meticulous aesthetic research, together with innovative  manufacturing processes and cutting-edge technology make Klodea a game-changer in domestic  furnishing.  

In 2016, Klodea decided to expand their business to the American market by opening their US  headquarters in Sarasota, Florida. 

About Lineadecor USA
Since 1996, leading kitchen furniture brand Lineadecor has offered superior production, material quality, and manufacturing capabilities with luxury European design sensibilities. Manufactured in the Mediterranean and designed in Italy for more than twenty years, the company serves a global clientele and has recently entered the U.S. market, with production facilities capable of manufacturing 30,000 custom kitchens annually. Lineadecor consistently adds new designs and capabilities to its product line, while providing consultation services throughout the architectural design process in a range of retail and large-scale projects. Lineadecor is committed to using eco-friendly manufacturing technology and supporting sustainable living through the use of FSC certified and recyclable materials, recycled packaging, and sustainably sourced wood, among other practices. Learn more at www.lineadecor.us.