| New York, NY - October 18, 2018 | Mediterranean-based kitchen furniture brand Lineadecor USA introduces Etna, a new modular and fully customizable kitchen model. Etna’s durable melamine-laminate, concrete-textured features—punctuated with sleek metal and warm wood accents—are influenced by industrial design and reflect a modern and dynamic kitchen aesthetic.

Available in three “Concreta” hues—Gray, Beige, and White—the model’s dimensions are completely customizable, and thanks to processing wood with advanced technology, the concrete view adds authenticity to the kitchen. The line includes options in cabinetry and storage as well as transitional tables and chairs. Etna spares no detail: from well-constructed interior drawers to subtle color variations, its components boast a cool, textured look in a non-porous surface.

Thanks to the modular system Etna employs, solutions are developed to meet the specific needs of each customer. Color, pattern, and handle systems are selected according to personal style as well as the area’s functional requirements, like storage, preparation, washing, and cooking. 

Etna was first shown in the US market at the 2018 AIA Conference in New York, NY. For more information about this and other kitchen furnishings by Lineadecor USA, visit

About Lineadecor USA
Since 1996, leading kitchen furniture brand Lineadecor has offered superior production, material quality, and manufacturing capabilities with luxury European design sensibilities. Manufactured in the Mediterranean and designed in Italy for more than twenty years, the company serves a global clientele and has recently entered the U.S. market, with production facilities capable of manufacturing 30,000 custom kitchens annually. Lineadecor consistently adds new designs and capabilities to its product line, while providing consultation services throughout the architectural design process in a range of retail and large-scale projects. Lineadecor is committed to using eco-friendly manufacturing technology and supporting sustainable living through the use of FSC certified and recyclable materials, recycled packaging, and sustainably sourced wood, among other practices. Learn more at