| New York, NY - February 14, 2018 | Italian design brand Klodea is making its official debut into the American market with a line  of luxury furnishing accessories for the modern home.  

Inspired by the balance of natural elements, Klodea creates handles and knobs of refined beauty that  complement cabinetry with a sophisticated touch. The products combine elegance and ergonomics; each  item is designed with artisanal care, attention to detail, and developed with style and functionality in mind. 

The design process transforms everyday usability into a creative opportunity, and the result a collection  of 10 unique designs. 

Designer Simone Viola explains: 

Klodea’s handles and finishing accessories are the interpretation of a typically Italian design language.  When designing these products, we’re building from tradition but adding an unprecedented lightness to  the lines. Vision and action are thus combined as the products become the expression of beauty and  ergonomics. 


All of the brand’s products are manufactured in Italy; production is directly supervised by the design team,  ensuring that each piece upholds the highest standards by which the Klodea philosophy is driven. 

The material used for all Klodea’s products is Zamac, a high purity zinc with alloying elements of aluminum,  magnesium, and copper. This highly-malleable material allows for experimentation with shape, color and  flexibility, from which it is die casted into the linear and sculptural shapes that define the brand. 

Committed to producing eco-friendly products, Klodea also chooses Zamac for its sustainable qualities: the  metal is recyclable and requires a lower melting point, thus saving energy during the production process. 

Priced from $30 to $150, Klodea’s sophisticated designs are the perfect finishing touch to every design  enthusiast’s home. 


About Klodea:
Founded in 2015 in Milan, Klodea is an Italian producer of luxury home furnishing accessories. The brand’s  mission is to create unique designs that stem from an Italian sensibility toward shape, form and style. A  careful selection of raw materials and meticulous aesthetic research, together with innovative  manufacturing processes and cutting-edge technology make Klodea a game-changer in domestic  furnishing.  

In 2016, Klodea decided to expand their business to the American market by opening their US  headquarters in Sarasota, Florida.