| New York, NY - May 29, 2018 | Fil Doux Textiles’ new Dialogue collection encourages a conversation with the surrounding world, demonstrating exchanges between the smooth and the textural, and the whimsical and the serious. The 14 patterns exhibit a sophisticated cohesion in their shared colors and textures that mimics the way we impart knowledge and experience to one another when engaging in dialogue. In the collection, luxury woven textiles communicate with fun and bold digital prints.

“Our Dialogue collection is all about patterns sharing beautiful details with each other,” says President Leo Novik. “We hope the designs encourage everyone to embrace face-to-face interactions, and the beauty we can see in one another through personal connections.”

The nature of the collection reinforces this idea: though one may discover differences when engaging in local and global communities, it is more important to revel in cultural commonalities. Outspoken and daring patterns lead the way for refined and reliable basics, coming together to create a collection that has a lot to say in hopes of continuing inspiring conversations.


Concerto, like the inspiring sound of a room full of good conversation, is a symphony of interwoven threads that create a spectacular woven pattern available in 8 colorways.

Intuition is a traditional tribal pattern with a striking appeal. This showstopper comes in 5 colorways.

Palmetto is a design that appears as if its namesake leaf was dipped in metallic shimmer and pressed onto a linen-inspired base. A special print that brings a touch of magic to all interiors, Palmetto is available in 4 colorways.

Pillow Talk is whimsical and sweet, taking risks with retro color combinations in 6 different varieties.

Subterrain is a pattern of undulating waves with a grounding depth. This earthy design is available in 8 colorways.

Subtext has an intricate lattice work veil and vibrant thread highway. This exciting woven avoids overwhelming the eye with a small scale design that comes in 3 different colors.

Translate is composed of geometric shapes that reverberate, mirroring the transfer of data and the sharing of ideas. This beautiful woven is available in 8 colorways.


Luxe is a lovely tight weave with a subtle shimmer that comes in 12 colorways.

Patina is a woven basic that emulates the natural beauty of its namesake weathered look. Elegant and wise, Patina comes in 8 colorways.

Spark uses a natural yarn to create an exciting, glistening pattern that transforms when seen up close. This woven basic comes in 13 colorways.

Tundra is rich and textural like an arctic landscape, with a gentle hand that mimics the softness of freshly fallen snow. This basic comes in 7 colorways.


About Fil Doux Textiles
Fil Doux Textiles produces timeless, luxurious upholstery and drapery fabrics for the hospitality design and contract furnishings industry. Beginning in Chile with a family-owned mill 80 years ago, today the business—operated by Leonardo Novik—controls two fully vertical mills in Chile and Brazil, allowing personalized customization and a superior lead time on its woven fabrics, sheers, vinyl, leather, and digital textile prints. Fil Doux Textiles’ commitment to always embrace beauty has led the company to introduce game-changing, proprietary new products to the market, including their eco-friendly Vinylife upholstery and Pro-Tech, a powerful ink and stain protectant. Fil Doux Textiles upholds significant environmental standards, using wind power, recycling dye water, and reusing fabric for packaging.