| New York, NY - March 13, 2019 | For the Atelier Collection, Fil Doux Textiles was inspired, like a painter, by a blank canvas; a clean slate one day, then layered with inspiration the next. Each of the seven designs is a thought turned into a masterpiece, for a collection that, much like an artist’s journey, celebrates the beauty of process.

Brushstroke is an ode to great pointillist artists of the past, like Seurat and Signac, and uses soulful colors layered with painterly brushstrokes. Free Form is woven to look like a free-hand sketch with unrestricted, artistic gusto, while Leaf Press balances delicate watercolor branches adorned with almond shaped leaves, inspired by leaf and flower pressing techniques used by botanists and artists alike to document and preserve specimens of beauty and intrigue. Glazed Stripe has large bands of color that join together to create a pottery look, and Scallop is a digital print reminiscent of a fanciful seashell or decadent marbled paper. Antico, or "ancient style" in Italian, gives a nod to the past while remaining fresh and luxe. Finally, Watercolor features inky ribbons of color hand painted on a modest woven backdrop, allowing for a perfect digital print stripe.

About Fil Doux Textiles
Fil Doux Textiles produces timeless, luxurious upholstery and drapery fabrics for the hospitality design and contract furnishings industry. Beginning in Chile with a family-owned mill 80 years ago, today the business—operated by Leonardo Novik—controls two fully vertical mills in Chile and Brazil, allowing personalized customization and a superior lead time on its woven fabrics, sheers, vinyl, leather, and digital textile prints. Fil Doux Textiles’ commitment to always embrace beauty has led the company to introduce game-changing, proprietary new products to the market, including their eco-friendly Vinylife upholstery and Pro-Tech, a powerful ink and stain protectant. Fil Doux Textiles upholds significant environmental standards, using wind power, recycling dye water, and reusing fabric for packaging.