| New York, NY - October 25, 2017 | The new Cadence collection by Fil Doux Textiles is a physical manifestation of sound, featuring patterns and motifs that reflect the flow and rhythm of music. The collection of fabrics was inspired by a range of sources, whether replicating the transcendent swell of an orchestra or the staccato crash of drums.

Cadence is Fil Doux Textiles’ largest selection of woven fabrics, featuring unique reversibles made from the mill direct company’s proprietary yarns. The reversible fabrics are striking when viewed from either side, and have a soft, residential hand.  The collection also includes an elegant, digitally printed chenille.

“The reversible woven fabrics in Cadence can be flipped from room to room. For example, hotels can use one side for suites and the other for adjacent spaces,” says CEO of Fil Doux Textiles, Leo Novik. “They can also be applied as a beautiful drapery.”


Transient: The pulse of the collection, Transient turns music into texture with undulating stripes. The pattern is a reversible woven.

Whirlwind: A swirling motif resembling marble, Whirlwind is a reversible woven.

Bold Move: Like cymbals and drums being played at a crescendo, the energetic stripes in Bold Move make this dynamic reversible woven a wonderful choice.

Twilight: Soft and ethereal, the colors in Twilight gently blend into one, like voices in a musical duet. This reversible woven ombre has the look of light passing through a window. 

Momentum: Asymmetric lines languidly stretch across this digital print, inspired by the gentle motions of running water.

Serenade: This pattern digitally printed on chenille conjures the ambient sound of music at sunset.

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Fil Doux Textiles produces timeless, luxurious upholstery and drapery fabrics for the hospitality design and contract furnishings industry. Beginning in Chile with a family-owned mill 80 years ago, today the business—operated by Leonardo Novik—controls two fully vertical mills in Chile and Brazil, allowing personalized customization and a superior lead time on its woven fabrics, sheers, Vinylife, leather, and digital textile prints. Fil Doux Textiles’ commitment to always embrace beauty has led the company to introduce game-changing new products to the market, including their eco-friendly Vinylife upholstery and Pro-Tech, a powerful ink and stain protectant. Fil Doux Textiles upholds significant environmental standards, using wind power, recycling dye water, and reusing fabric for packaging.