Douglas Fanning Shows at Jean De Merry New York for D&D Spring Market 2017



Douglas Fanning made his debut at Jean De Merry New York on Wednesday May 24th 2017 in conjunction with the D&D Building's Spring Market. The showroom featured several of his handmade pieces such as the new Brass Edition Mobile in a two-tier version, his recently introduced Brass Edition Wall Blades, and a black and brass version of his Taper Light. 

Brass Edition Mobiles:

The sculptural Mobile Series, Brass Edition is composed of Fanning's minimal Light Blades that cast light both downward and upward to create soft pools of illumination on the ceiling.  Suspended from a minimal stem and canopy and available in single, double, or triple tier configurations, the piece is composed of long blades with hand-milled channels for housing the LEDS within. The Light Blades—made from brass and also available in black and white—can rotate to form different silhouettes, and a range of size options makes the piece even more customizable.


Taper Lights: 

With Taper, Douglas Fanning reduces his already stunningly slender Light Blades into tapering points. The lights can be applied to the wall as a functional sculpture, or hung as single or grouped blades for a sleek mobile effect. Taper’s blades are available in brass, white and black with brass or stainless steel stems and canopies. All configurations may be customized, and standard dimensions include 72”, 96” and 120” versions. 

Brass Edition Wall Blades: 

These mounted fixtures are versions of Fanning’s iconic Light Blades that have been scaled and proportioned to wall lighting. The Wall Blades contain hand-milled channels that house LEDS on both sides and are capable of pivoting vertical to horizontal, able to cast light forward and back or up and down through changing their position. Fanning's Wall Blades are composed of a 15" long blade supported on a 10” stem with a 8.5” tall backplate.



About Douglas Fanning:

Brooklyn-based architect-turned-maker Douglas Fanning has been developing exploratory and functional creations for more than 15 years, collaborating with top-tier design companies on artistic furniture, lighting, and architectural pieces for clients including Saks Fifth Avenue, W Hotels, and Theory. 

Douglas opened DYAD, his architecture and fabrication studio, in 1994 after receiving his master’s degree from the Graduate School of Architecture at Columbia University, bringing more than 20 years’ experience in fabrication and prototyping to the design and manufacture of home and architectural products. Infusing his architectural perspective and a tirelessly inquisitive spirit into everything he creates, Douglas Fanning’s projects speak to his commitment to building things the right way, rather than the easy way. A teacher as well as a designer, Douglas has taught at Rhode Island School of Design, the University of Pennsylvania, The University of the Arts, and Parsons School of Design. Learn more at