| New York, NY - November 05, 2018Chef John Doherty has brought on BLACKBARN veteran, German Rivera, to infuse his Chelsea Market café & bar with even more international flair. Chef Rivera was born in Puebla, one of Mexico's foremost foodie destinations where rich poblano dishes like mole originated. His heritage, as well as extensive training in French cooking, led him to a passion for combining fresh ingredients in experimental ways.

“I like the phrase ‘if you can’t take the heat, get out of the kitchen’ because there is nothing more rewarding than working in an environment filled with fiery ambition,” Rivera says. “The culinary world is fast-paced and exciting, pushing those who thrive in and embrace the heat to climb the ladder. I respect and relate to Chef Doherty’s passion for cooking and his great work ethic, and I look forward to working with him again at his new Chelsea Market location.”

“German is a highly disciplined cook. In the chef world, that is one of the highest compliments one can get because discipline brings with it consistency, a method to creativity, an exactness to details, and professionalism in all areas,” says Chef John Doherty. “German is a true professional and a wonderful human being. We are excited to see what he adds to the team!”

Rivera worked with Doherty for three years previously at his NoMad restaurant, and is familiar with the rustic chic brand. His unique take on familiar dishes is a perfect fit with BLACKBARN’s new food concept, which elevates comfort foods with a healthy twist. Rivera will bring a distinct perspective to the development of this concept, which brings together worldly ingredients and a focus on health and wellness

Renowned interior designer Mark Zeff, his wife Kristen, and acclaimed celebrity Chef John Doherty combined their expertise to open the flagship BLACKBARN shop, café & bar on the ground floor of New York City’s Chelsea Market. Thanks to their unique pairing, guests can simultaneously shop and dine in the space. Chef John Doherty, who helmed the Waldorf-Astoria Kitchen for more than two decades, has created a warm and inviting plant-based menu focused on wellness. All of the tableware used in the café will be available for sale in the shop, along with specialty food items in the BLACKBARN Foods for the Home line such as jams, jellies, chocolates, coffee, and caramels. In addition, a portion of proceeds from these items will go to Chef Doherty's Heavenly Harvest Foundation to create meals for those in need.


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