All the holiday items that BLACKBARN Shop has to offer this Black Friday! Whether naughty or nice this season, BLACKBARN shop won’t judge... Below is a selection of ten items ranging from amazing deals
to irresistible splurges and available for purchase at the Chelsea Market destination or through its website, to consider for inclusion in your holiday roundups.


| New York, NY - November 21, 2018 |



For the gourmand...

BLACKBARN Black Truffle Balsamic Glaze blends the best of two worlds together: balsamic vinegar of Modena and truffle oil. It is perfect for finishing sauces, dressings, salads and vegetables. In the holiday spirit, a portion of every sale is donated to Heavenly Harvest, Chef John Doherty's non-profit organization, that makes nutritious, ready-to-eat meals for those in need. ($39.95)



When a messy spouse can't take a hint...

BLACKBARN’s Large Leather Bucket is an elegant storage solution handcrafted in Spanish leather. With the added durability of a natural canvas interior and the flexibility to fit into any room, it provides a fashionable way to store anything from firewood to toys. ($550)



For the mysterious hard worker...

Mantis Desk by Mark Zeff is made with a sophisticated gray-stained, rift-cut white oak and has embossed Technogel side panels for a sleek look. Handcrafted in NYC, it has compartments for lifestyle accessories as well as an invisible front drawer to store all your top secret files. 
(Splurge Alert: $5,700)



For the environmentally conscious friend...

BLACKBARN Cork Tealight Holders are made from all natural cork sourced from Portugal, a sustainable material that is as eco-friendly as it is stylish. These stained-white holders are a great way to accessorize any surface in the home, and are economically savvy to boot; say goodbye to high electricity bills! ($8)



When you want to pass some tapas...

Serax’s Merci Dinnerware in Earthenware White are the perfect serving dishes, bowls, and plates for a multitude of tapas to share with family and friends. Inspired by the famous American Modern dinnerware by Russel Wright and the traditional Japanese bento, the collection is made of sandstone for an earthy look and available as a puzzle of sizes and depths so that they can be stacked or fitted together as you wish. 
($85.50 for Medium set)



For the landlocked beach lover...

BLACKBARN Italian Seashell Lamp is a statement piece that will bring beachy vibes year round; each ceramic seashell was individually cast to mimic shells found off the coast of Italy, and hand-painted for the creation of this elegant white table lamp. This one-of-a-kind product is an exclusive to the BLACKBARN shop. (Splurge Alert: $3,800)



For the fun-loving globe-trotter...

The Italian Spritz Cocktail Kit allows you to be your own personal sky-high bartender! It includes tools to craft two Italian Spritz cocktails mid-flight or from a hotel minibar, including a refreshing aperitivo cocktail syrup. The kit components are: a Carry On Tin, Recipe Card, Bar Spoon, 1/2 oz. Jigger, Italian Spritz Syrup, and Linen Coaster. ($24)



For the owner of a energetic puppy...

The BLACKBARN Pandora’s Box has a cool antique look with chic brass studs and a sturdy wood build covered in canvas. Named for owners Mark and Kristen Zeff's dog, Pandora, this decorative box may not be able to contain all the chaos of a hyper pup, but it is the perfect place to protect your collectibles and keepsakes from them! ($175)



Where rustic meets elegant...

The BLACKBARN Dining Chair is made with beautiful Spanish leather, and is handcrafted to provide a unique, luxe look for any dining setting. The leather seat is situated on a metal and wooden base, providing both comfort and durability. (Splurge Alert: $795)



And something that is truly read all over...

Edie: An American Biography is the classic account of the dark side of Warhol's Factory, a toxic mix of instant 'fame' and drug-taking, that lured a not-so-innocent Edie Sedgwick to an early death. Written by Jean Stein and edited with George Plimpton, it is a must read! ($50)


The BLACKBARN lifestyle brand represents a blend of industrial, artful, refined, and understated sensibilities. It redefines luxury, from creating bespoke homes for those who desire unconventional simplicity to combining farm vernacular with elegant style in a carefully curated group of objects. The brand’s ethos and aesthetic come to life in a DUMBO, Brooklyn shop, filled with hand-selected furniture and homeware pieces, custom-designed and sourced from around the world; it takes an additional dimension at New York City’s Black Barn Restaurant where seasonal, rustic fare meets a modern farmhouse atmosphere.

The most recent development, BLACKBARN Chelsea Market shop, cafe & bar, changes the way New Yorkers dine and shop for home goods by uniting hospitality and retail, in a homewares and accessories shop with a café & bar, to create the total brand experience.

The storied system behind the brand is perhaps best captured in the book, BLACKBARN, published by ORO Editions in 2015.

Since it opened its doors to the public in 1996, Chelsea Market has been the insider's resource for artisanal goods in Manhattan. Chelsea Market is an authentic destination for culinary connoisseurs, chefs and local residents. Serving as the bridge between two iconic Manhattan neighborhoods, Chelsea and the Meatpacking District, Chelsea Market continues its commitment to the artisanal marketplace and craft manufacturing, and to the community that surrounds it. For more information, visit www.chelseamarket.com.