we discover the essence of a brand and bring its stories of craft, design, collaboration and leadership to light.


editorial | writing and pitching editorial content IS our wheelhouse.

  • maintaining productive relationships with journalists

  • curating and managing editorial contact lists

  • pitching story topics strategically

  • drafting and deploying press releases

  • teasing out the angles to maximize opportunities

  • interviewing designers + acquisition of visual assets

  • creating press kits, from purely digital to over-the-top packages

  • generating media exposure in the right places

awards | we want to see you win!

  • strategically select award programs to submit for, based on current initiatives

  • collect information + organize materials

  • write submissions targeted at the reader, carefully following detailed directives

  • ensuring that clients experience a number of recognitions

relationship development | this is where opportunity is created.

  • connecting executives and influencers

  • build lasting brand synergies

  • positioning company leaders for exposure to influencers through media recognition speaking opportunities, juried competitions, lunch / dinner meetings, interviews, and more

tradeshows + events

branding | we can help!

  • soup to nuts branding services (logo / branding design, through partners)

  • website design + development

  • acquisition of assets

email marketing | we work for the open rates!

  • design + layout of email campaigns

  • email blasts will always include a follow up report (opens, clicks, etc)

  • can include varying levels of visual components and layout complexity, as well as automation and customization of full campaigns

  • scalable to include contact management services with very high degrees of data

social media | high-speed social media train is in constant motion!

  • company and competitive social media landscape reports

  • securing names and accounts across platforms

  • following influencers, encouraging follow-backs and overall growth

  • developing concepts and content across platforms

  • concept and organization for activations / giveaways

  • run social media advertising campaigns, sharing reports to measure effectiveness

advertising | we can negotiate on your behalf. 

  • negotiate ad rates (sometimes an established agency rate)

  • request valuable “added value” incentives

  • supply artwork


tradeshows | we know tradeshows inside and out, forward and back.

  • staffing support

  • inviting media to attend + setting appointments

  • making media aware of product introductions + designer appearances

  • garnering pre and post show registered media lists

  • creating impactful show floor moments

  • organizing mixed influencer dinners

events | face to face is where it’s at!

  • creative event concepts, from tradeshow floor activations to large-scale media parties

  • strategic leadership in concept and organization for product launch, anniversaries, openings and other types of parties

  • recommending / hiring vendors (catering, photographers, security, etc)

  • designer lunch + learns / CEUs

  • lead media trip delegations to HQ and factories

  • organizing influencer dinners, lunches and 1:1 moments

  • suggest and garner sponsorship opportunities to raise visibility

  • regional media tours (visiting media rich markets and setting up meetings there)

reporting | we get it. big expenses require measurement and validation.

  • share coverage highlights as they come out

  • create end of year executive summary with comprehensive coverage highlights

  • detailed reporting / clipping services available (AS)

social media