Left to right:  Alpha, Fraser, Bijoux, Soleil, Temptation, Baxter, Solange, Artemis, Vera, Gamma, Plumage, Maxton, Crosby, Aurora

Left to right:  Alpha, Fraser, Bijoux, Soleil, Temptation, Baxter, Solange, Artemis, Vera, Gamma, Plumage, Maxton, Crosby, Aurora

| New York, NY – September 2016 | Wolf-Gordon introduces Woven Upholstery 02, an innovative and versatile, performance-driven collection distinguished by new processes used in its production. WG Design Studio textile designer Morgan Bajardi combined modern weaving capabilities with Jacquard looms to create a collection that pushes the boundaries of textile constructions.


We are using the technology of Jacquard looms to create interesting patterns and textures that cannot be made on every loom, pulling from a historic knowledge of textiles as well as bringing in a contemporary edge to classic ideas.


 At their most basic level, textiles are woven via what Bajardi calls, the “Language of the Loom,” a series of 0s and 1s to ultimately create a fabric of increasing complexity based on its numeric sequence. Mining the cross fertilization of textile and architectural design, these fabrics’ structures metaphorically reveal crossbeams, considered warp ends to the “fabric,” in-filled with weft “planes”, such as windows or balconies on a facade. In addition to architectural inspiration, Woven Upholstery 02 is informed by structures found in nature and the cosmos.  

In addition to the collection’s focus on aesthetics, Woven 02 is ultra hard-wearing to address the demands of environments requiring high durability and easy maintenance.  Strategic weave constructions offer a range from value-priced crossovers and hospitality items to mid-range textiles for corporate offices. Corporate, healthcare and hospitality segments will all find ideal design, performance and pricing in Woven 02.

Collection Highlights:

Alpha features a matrix of “windows,” inspired by the lights of New York City’s skyline, to form an undulating effect when viewed at a distance.

Artemis plays on a classic goose-eye twill. Rich with symbolism in many cultures, the diamond is an ancient textile motif, representing strength and transformation.

Aurora’s metallic line subtly woven throughout this chenille pattern adds modern glamour and a strikingly high-end look, providing a fresh alternative to a solid.

Bijoux is exquisite mimicry of a crystalline structure. The weaves are used to shade the design, creating the look of three dimensional, faceted gemstones.

Crosby is an update to familiar herringbone patterning. With a nod to Scandinavian blankets, this classic motif features pops of neon, sportswear colors.

Gamma spins prismatic gradient lines into a celebration of color and texture. Solid color bars of varying widths are superimposed on an organic textural weave, lending a 3-D quality.

Maxton’s soft feel is akin to a flannel shirt. This highly adaptable textile incorporates chenille yarns in a simple micro-grid pattern.

Plumage is an engineered pattern inspired by a phoenix taking flight. Tessellated feathers created from contrasting satin and matte threads play with light and impart an iridescent quality.

Solange taps into this season’s painterly trend. The surface has a wonderful textured finish and a muted-matte look reminiscent of an artist’s canvas.

Soleil is a radiant circle pattern finished with Crypton® on a bleach cleanable nylon warp and reaches 100,000 rubs.

Temptation has a photographic quality evocative of a Warhol screen print, yet this woven polyester textile mimics an exotic reptilian skin.

Vera’s soft chenille yarns are woven in an irregular fashion, is available in a range of classic, dynamic colors that embody simple sophistication and modern energy.

About Wolf Gordon:
Wolf-Gordon is an American design company offering designers a wide range of interior surfacing products united by the common qualities of excellent design and dependable performance. Founded in 1967 as a comprehensive source for wallcoverings, its product line has since added upholstery and drapery textiles, paints, and Wink clear, dry-erase coating. Through its collaborations with leading national and international designers and in its Design Studio, Wolf- Gordon continues to develop new work that is provocative, inspiring, and of our time. Wolf- Gordon’s growing portfolio of licensed collections includes designs by Laurinda Spear, Karim Rashid, Petra Blaisse, Grethe Sørensen, Kevin Walz, the Boym Partners, Frank Tjepkema, and Mae Engelgeer. Wolf-Gordon sales representatives are based in all major markets in the United States.